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I am also very beginner in this site. If you don't understand any word or site. Please just mail me.

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Hints for problem:

10703, 10783, 10789 10790

Problem No:


10703 Free Spots

This problem can be solve using an 2d array. First initialize the hole array True. And make False according to the input. At last just count the true and print it.

Be careful! If there is only one true just print

 "There is one empty spot." 


10783 Odd Sum Only count the total sum of odd number of the given range.
10789 Prime Frequency I solve this problem by using an array. Store all the frequency of all valid character in an array. Then just check the frequency for prime, and print output (sorted). That's all.

10790 How Many Points of Intersection?

Very easy problem. Can be solved with in 5 minutes. Just follow my instruction:

  Find summation of 1 to a-1 and summation of 1 to b-1. After that just multiply these two summation.

Be careful about ("You can assume that the output for the test cases will fit in 64-bit signed integers."). Just use long long.