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Hello visitors,

                 I am S. M. Ibrahim from Bangladesh. And most welcome to my web home. Want to share your knowledge with me? If, Please visit my site.....

!!!Hot News!!!If you are student of NUB, please join

It's me (lavlu).

Now you can use google in Bangla. To know more.......

I am on Ekushey.....

Recent updates:

Date Details
08/25/2005 Added my own blog.
08/20/2005 I added some screen shot of my pc.
07/13/2005 After a long break I am back to my work. (as I was ill last week)
07/03/2005 Just now I join  Ekushey :) .
06/28/2005 Add new page "My  works"
06/17/2005 Make a great change on "Google in Bangla page"

A new page added "Bangladeshi people".

I attended in "Bangladesh Linux User Group" 's meeting.

05/14/2005 Newly added web ring. First time I just add my favorite pages. If you want to add your page, just use my home page link to your web ring.

Web ring (Most important for CSE student)

ACM Solver / UVA Online Judge / Acmbeginner  / Method to Solve ACM


ACM Hints

In the ACM hints page you will get help / hints  to solve ACM problem set.  Visit My solve page. Friends Now I scored 183+ (12-05-05). My statistics.

Easy problem list is added.........Visit 


For any kind of information, just  mail me:

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