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This page was last updated on 08/25/05.

Solved and have hints:

100 101

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100 The 3n + 1 problem

This is a easy problem, just follow the algorithm and count the length of every cycle. After that just find out the max length. I think you will get the accept. Must be careful about the max and min condition. (as start  can be bigger then the end). so just use:

    if ( start > end )


        start =end;


Now it's i and  j limit is 1 million. Be careful!!!!!!!

101 The Blocks Problem                                  

 Problem  Critical Input    Output

Too much lengthy problem. But interesting.............

From the problem definition and also from the input & output, This problem can be solve using simple using stack. Here I use stack with structure.   


Others will be added soon..............